What we do?

We are a Delivery Lead company for organisations starting or inside the Agile journey. Our clear objective is "...Providing an excellent delivery service for data, analytics and AI under an Agile umbrella". We drive to be clear leaders in this field.


Our three key pillars are driven by Value, Engagement and Transparency. We are totally transparent in our approach, our objective is to demistify the black boxes. We empower the teams with open conversation at all levels and we drive business value.

Collaborate and Engage

Product Journey

Here at Agile Frameworks we guide you through the product journey from initiation to delivery. We drive a clear vision and roadmap to drive the delivery mindset.

We take your Product vision and support you to build out your features, we have trusted partners that can build your implementations to empower you with the transparent detail.

Data Analytics
Machine Learning Cyber Security Infrastructure

About Us


What we offer at Agile frameworks is a lean and methodical approach towards Agile delivery. We take a product-centric view to take concepts to market. We have delegated partners to drive your vision into user requirements towards the realisation for a product delivery and empowered delivery teams to help or drive the implementation for you.

Our strategy is to collaborate with teams towards an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) to get the 'must have' features delivered at the right velocity, then build towards an MMP (Minimal Marketable Product) and start that product journey.


We work with partners whom have their own expertise level in the relevant domains. We have our leading partner Unai who are data and AI specialists. They are a technology consultancy providing software engineering and data science to organisations driving positive change.

Let us help you start the journey...


Deliver training directly to your doorstep taking you the through the Agile journey. Giving clear insights on where you are in the journey and guiding clear roadmap for your delivery.

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Our Services

We offer proffesional Agile services company towards delivery of products and MVPs. Our experience align organisations towards their enterprise strategy and their delivery. Our focus is to drive transparency and enablers for business vision and we work closely with power teams to improve the committment to the goals that drive them teams.

What we provide?

  • Align to Agile framework
  • Define Product Vision and Strategy
  • Set Roadmap
  • Empower teams
  • Build Backlog

Our Team

Vas Rabani

Head of Agile Delivery

Director for Agile Frmeworks has over 20 years experience in Delivery domain. He takes a 'hands on' approach to drive value and solutions at a sustainable pace for the organisation.

James Power

Head of Business Sales

Business director for Agile Frameworks maintaining a close client relationship in order to meet and manage their demand.

Developer Hub

Power Teams

Agile Power teams embedded into the delivery cycle. This pool of resource contains varying skillsets such as Programmers, Data Scientists, Technical Analysts and testers.


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